Professional Storage

There are several products such as agricultural and dairy produce, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods etc that need to be stored in a clean and safe environment. Goods are often stored and shipped in batches as and when the demand arises. Importers and exporters depend on warehouses to store items before they reach the final consumers.

Cross Docking

Cross Docking gains the efficiency and cost effectiveness of shipping in full truckload quantities. We are efficient and quick to transfer product to an outbound method or break them down (pick and pack) and pack them based on your need, set them in their specific staging area, and sent off the appropriate location. These staging areas offer a designated spot for inbound product to be sorted, combined and stored until the outbound shipment is ready to go, minimizing your need and cost of warehousing.

Professional Distribution

Storage and distribution is an important step in the supply chain management. Hence, it is important to store goods in warehouses that are equipped with the necessary modern facilities such as dust-free storage, cold storage if required, online inventory management and security systems. Warehouses that have all these facilities are certainly worth the fees that you pay them.

Dedicated Warehouses

The outsourced management of warehousing operations, typically in a larger-scale facility, with all labor, value-added services, operational processes, technology and square footage dedicated to a single tenant. Common outsourcers of dedicated warehousing include mid-to-large sized businesses, oftentimes with multiple independent distribution sites serving various consumer channels.

Our team is highly experienced in their relevant duties and are specially trained in all aspects of Storage, Documentation, and Distribution. We own and operate with our own fleet of Heavy Lifting Machinery and also provide specialised services for various Odd-Dimensional Cargo.

Warehousing Solutions

We owns and manages over 150,000 square feet of Warehousing space within its Operational centers and deals in various aspects of the supply chain, from simple storage & inventory management to packing & distribution. Our warehouses are specially equipped and licence to handle various types and sizes of Cargo and provide complete security to your Inventory from threats like fire, pilferage, damage, etc.

Your Products are Always Available 98%
Materials Handling Equipment. 80%
High Transparency 70%
Outgoing Shipment 65%